Selection and Placement

An examination of the factors that need to be addressed when placing personnel in an organization.

The paper shows that personnel selection is the methodical placement of individuals into jobs and its impact on the organization is realized when employees achieve years or decades of service to the employer. The process of selection follows a methodology to collect information about an individual in order to determine if that individual should be employed. The paper shows that individuals are the core of any organization and selecting and placing the most favorable individual is of utmost importance. The paper examines how the Human Resource Manager should address various factors with the requesting organization when dealing with selection and placement such as desired social values, job specifications and descriptions, equal opportunity and validity.
“In the process of improving the organization, Human Resource Managers deal with many aspects that will affect the organization. Selection and placement is extremely important. By selecting the most optimum person for a company, and then placing them in the most optimum position, the whole process of training, development, and employee output will be the most advantageous.
As we expand our knowledge of our organizations, the importance of work to the human experience cannot be overestimated. For many people, work is the center of life; work determines one’s life rhythm, and often also the identity and status of a person. The processes within the organization help to establish a feeling of unity for the employees and results in developing a sense of loyalty to the mission and constancy of purpose.”