Security at the Restaurant

A discussion on how a restaurant can offer security and hospitality at the same time.

The paper argues that restaurants can ensure hospitality and security for the benefit of all. The paper considers the threats facing this industry and discusses how the key to increasing customer confidence is security. The paper asserts, however, that there is no need for blatant security measures; the paper suggests training the human resources present to work collaboratively to detect security threats, working on preventative security and addressing the big problem of internal threats.
“The industry is divided into the following areas: lodging, food service, institutional facilities, and travel and recreation. The lodging and food services are often intertwined with the travel and recreational segments of the industry. A point often debated by industry officials is which division is most prevalent. This writer thinks that the lodging and food services are the dominant areas.
“Workers in the industry often refer to these services as the “front of the house” and the “back of the house.” The “front of the house” consists of the jobs that allow the workers to interact directly with the guests. Positions in this area include the general manager, concierge, sales/marketing director. Workers in the “back of the house” include the executive chef, chief of security, and controller. These jobs are very important even though these employees do not have direct contact with the guests. They do, however, ensure the success of the establishment.”