Second-Hand Smoke

A discussion of the newly found dangers of second-hand smoke.

This paper briefly examines research and studies in the area of health hazards from second-hand smoke. It discusses legislation about smoking in public and work places and mentions groups lobbying for change in this field. It also discusses the effects on children, babies and pregnant women.
“Second-hand smoke is the smoke that non-smokers are exposed to for no fault of their own. There is increasingly substantial scientific evidence which links second-hand smoke to tobacco-related diseases in non-smokers. According to a WHO (World Health Organization) report, exposure to second-hand smoke could lead to deaths due to heart diseases and lung and nasal sinus cancers, cause a variety of adverse health effects in children and even result in reductions in fetal growth and spontaneous abortions among pregnant women. These statistics alone make it clear that smoke-free places must be made available, if not predominant, to protect those who make the choice to avoid cigarette smoke for health, as well as aesthetic reasons (Xinhua News Agency, 2001).”