Scientific Method

This paper explains the scientific method and applies it to two experiments.

This paper shows how the scientific method of experimentation is used. The paper offers two examples of this process, one about growth hormones in eels and the other about distribution of black-legged ticks on animals. The paper focusing on eels mainly centers around testing; other steps were surely performed in some way, but are not clearly explained in the text. The paper focusing on the ticks is very straight-forward and includes each of the steps of the scientific method, one after the other.
“The scientific method is a process that has been used for ages, in one way or another. This method consists of a series of generalized steps that can be used to make new scientific discoveries. These steps include: Observation, Question, Hypothesis (Explanation), Prediction, and Test (Experiment) (Campbell & Reece 2002). These steps are not always followed in order, but most studies commonly use some form of this hypothetico-deductive reasoning (Campbell & Reece 2002). I have examined two biological research papers in order to compare their uses (if any) of the scientific method.”