School Violence

A proposal for a study that will ascertain the public’s willingness or hesitancy to provide school resource officers in order to protect the nation’s public school system.

This paper discusses police protection at schools in light of the sniper attacks as well as the school shootings that have occurred over the years. It also presents a study proposal and a critique of literature about the public’s desire and willingness to support police protection being placed in elementary and middle schools on a daily basis. This study gauge’s the current feelings of the public regarding the safety of the students within the public schools as well as providing data as to the willingness of the public to fund officers if they believe that they are needed. The study also provides a foundation for later studies regarding many aspects of school safety and how to address it as the future brings more attacks.
“Those who use school resource officers are reporting success in the program. Parents throughout the nation have begun to display concern and fear over the administrations ability to protect their children while they are attending school. A study to ascertain the feasibility of providing officers at each school in the nation and mandating their presence through a federal law will assist the government in determining whether it is an idea worth pursuing.”