School Violence Prevention Program

Looks at the primary causes of school violence and the need to understand these causes as a method for preventing the violence.

This paper describes the factors within the community, family, and school environment that contribute to and even cause school violence. The paper then suggests that a better understanding of these factors and the cultural differences that exist within the school environment will help prevent the violence that is so prevalent in schools today.
“Recently, there has been an alarming increase in the amount of violence exhibited in the nation’s schools. Indeed, the shooting death of a local child in Garfield Middle School last January, although extremely tragic, is only representative of the greater national problem. This event has clearly illustrated that the Lake Washington School District clearly suffers from the same factors that are often linked to incidents of school violence among all schools. Further, it is now apparent that, despite the district’s high level of ethnic diversity within the student population, a way must be devised to educate the staff and student body about violence within the school and how it might be avoided.”