School Administrative Decisions

This paper discusses that the most effective group to influence school administrative decisions are teachers.

This paper outlines that one of the major disputes within educational institutions is the distribution of power and administrative responsibility: One side believes the administration and structuring of education needs to be left with ?professional? administrators, while the other side believes that teachers deserve a more central role. The author points out that teachers are affected by the decisions of administrators to a very high degree and need to have some control and influence over their fate. The paper concludes that the contention that teachers will advance their interests alone if given more administrative influence is absurd.
“Obviously, it is the unanimous opinion of those within our educational institutions is that teachers? opinions are not granted the same attention as others of power, so the next step in analyzing this phenomenon is asking ourselves “why” Paul Moreno, a reporter for the Massachusetts News, believes the problem lies within the teacher’s union. He writes of teacher’s unions throughout the nation using coercive power for control. Unions maintain strong positions of power within state legislatures and parental groups within school systems.”