Saudi-Arabian Police Force

This paper discusses the Saudi-Arabian police force: Basis in Islamic law, attitudes toward crime and punishment, recruitment, training, community relations, crime rate, executions and equipment.

The purpose of this research is to discuss the Saudi-Arabian police force. The focus will be on types of crimes dealt with, recruitment, training, community relations, make-up of the police force, and the role of women. The law and the criminal justice system will also be considered since they have a profound effect on the role of the police force.

Islamic law comes directly from the Koran, the sacred scriptures of Mohammed’s religion and the religion of the Moslems. The Koran contains the religious, social, civil, military, commercial and legal code of the Mohammeds. Punishments and rewards are illustrated by vivid stories. The Koran contains Mohammed’s specific injunctions to his followers which govern most of their social and legal life; it serves as the basis for all legislation, and for the enforcement of such legislation.