Sartre’s Nausea

This paper compares Jean-paul Sartre’s Nausea with Albert Camus’ to The Stranger.

The central ideas in Sartre’s Nausea are that a person’s
position within the universe is absurd and that artistic communication is the only hope one can have in the formulation of a meaningful life.

Characterization: Roquentin Through the Self-Taught Man
In Nausea, there is only one important character, Antoine Roquentin, the seeker of his own existence. He cannot be efficiently characterized because he is dynamic; what holds true for him in the beginning is untrue if applied to the same character at the end of the novel. He changes because he is reacting to both an intuitional sensation and the ritualistic characters that surround him. Though none of these individuals is of prime significance alone, a study of any one of them will reveal the superficial mode of existence which Roquentin rebells …