Safe School

A look at the importance of a safe school environment for children.

This paper examines the various dangers that students are currently facing in school and the safety measures that can be taken in order to avoid them. It discusses the contribution of students along with the teachers in avoiding danger and crime in school. It shows how creating a safe school necessitates having in place numerous precautionary procedures for children’s mental as well as emotional problems and a complete approach to early recognition of all warning signs that may guide to aggression toward self or others.

Foundation for Creating Safe Schools
Role to be Played by Teachers
Violence in School
Programs to Ensure Safety in Schools
Ongoing Work
Students have a significant part to play in making sure that their schools are safe as well as organized. They can take steps to assist make their schools a better place where learning can take place with no disturbance and with no fear of being persecuted or harassed. They can contribute in, or help build up, student government organizations as well as guiding principles that support a drug-free as well as gun-free, safe, and organized environment for learning. They can volunteer to serve up on administrative or advisory committees for instance the group developing the general Safe School Plan (Trump, K.S. 2000). Students can become supporters for programs for example peer mediation, disagreement resolution, peer support management, teen courts, or anger organization.