Russian Foreign Policy

Compares Russian foreign policy from the period 1950 to mid-1980 to the foreign policy of Russia from 1985 to the present.

This paper summarizes the difference in Russian foreign policy between the periods of 1950 to 1985 and 1985 to the present. The paper explores the Cold War, the fall of the Soviet Union, and the dynamics of Russia today, as well as how these factors influenced foreign policy.
“From an early age, Russia has always been different than its European counterparts. The geographical aspect of the country, especially, lends to its inherent differences. Located in the barren North of both Europe and Asia, Russia has always been faced with geographical and cultural barriers. These differences were accentuated in the early 20th century when Lenin and the Communist party overthrew the ruling Czar?a move that would change the political landscape of the country for almost a decade to come.”