Romeo and Juliet’: Comparison of Films

This paper discusses the similarities and the differences of the movie of Romeo and Juliet from 1968 and 1996. (See Also Here)

This paper compares the Romeo and Juliet film from 1968 and the Romeo and Juliet film of 1996. It shows the similarities and differences between the actors and the plot. The author argues that the modern version is in many ways inaccurate and discusses the differences between the effectiveness of the two movies.
Romeo and Juliet is an incredible love story between two people who fall in love and discover that each is from a family that is forbidden. Their love grows and they realize that love is more important than what their family thinks, and after fighting and fighting with their families, they get married, only for Romeo to get banished from the town, and Juliet betrothed by her father to marry a man she didn’t even know. She takes a solution to make herself appear dead, and Romeo doesn’t get the news that she is only under a chemical, and thinks that she is actually dead, and winds up killing himself at her Deathbed Juliet wakes up to a dead Romeo, and kills herself, for she knows she can’t go on without him.