Rhythmic Aerobics

A research paper on Rhythmic Aerobics, written as an assignment to teach aerobics to a class.

This is a lengthy research paper on how to teach aerobics to middle-aged women. It includes all the benefits, safety concerns, skills, 15 lesson plans and the history of aerobics. The objective of this assignment was to provide background information on aerobics and to create a potential client who would be likely to take the aerobics class.

Table of Contents:
Client Description
Description of Activity
Equipment and Care
Safety Analysis
Skills to be Developed
Novelty Events
Block Plan
Audio Visual Aids
Articles Collected
Lesson plans
Evaluative Measures
Lesson Plans
“More specific, the class will learn the basics of high and low intensity step aerobics classes, as well as the components to circuit-training, knowledge of target heart rate, importance of warm-up and cool-down. Each student will have a chance to lead a portion of aerobics to the class. Clients will also need to be able to determine their target heart rate by the end of the first few sessions. Included in each aerobics class will be static stretching in which each participant will learn how to correctly hold a stretch. By the time the end of the set of classes, the goal of the participant will be to gain flexibility and move throughout a greater range of motion.”