Return of the Headhunters

A review of the new album “Return of the Headhunters” by the jazz band “The Headhunters”.

This a jazz review which discusses the new “Headhunter” album, “Return of the Headhunters”, after almost twenty years since they became a group. It analyzes the elements of jazz that are used within the album, including approaches to improvisation, syncopation and bass runs.
“The Headhunters album, Return of the Headhunters, is under Hancock Records of the pianist Herbie Hancock, he is also one of the executive producers. This is one of Hancock’s old bands; he doesn’t make the list of band member but guests on some of the songs. The Headhunters were last together at the end of the 1970’s. This album was released in 1998 and continues with the group’s tradition of jazz fusion and funk.

“Track one is Funk Hunter and includes Herbie Hancock and Patrice Rushen on keyboards, Darrell Smith on keyboard programming, and JK on guitar. The song is melodic with elements of cool jazz. Drums introduce and then continue with constant syncopated snare drum hits. The sax takes a theme and fades in and out between bass and drum patterns. Bass uses repeated runs. This first verse is replayed, with a stompy, prowling feeling. The keyboard goes into a syncopated developmental solo with percussion, bass, and snare accompaniment. The bass and keyboards go into a call and response routine. The theme is restated and a cow bell is heard between snare hits. Sax and keyboard then go into call and response play. The sax leaves and with the keyboard featured there is a restatement of the theme and a fade out.”