Results of this study may be beneficial to the following

Results of this study may be beneficial to the following:

A.People- This rodenticide is affordable for consumers living in lower class at areas and places that cannot be marketed by modern products may also benefit by this study. Also, Gliricidia sepium is an environmental rodenticide that can be used anytime without inflicting damages to our world. This may provide the essential rat poison for people to use.

B. Small businesses- This rodenticide could decrease the rate of resulting damage cause by rats on their products by increasing potential of execute rats by using Gliricidia sepium (kakawate) . It is Eco-friendly and can be used anytime in the absence of harmful effects on the business marketed products.

C. Economy- This rodenticide could lessen the percentage of diseases coming from rats that were transmitted through inhaling contaminated dust with rat urine or droppings, direct contact with rat feces or urine by swimming , and bite or scratch of rat.

D.Future researchers-The outcome of this research will input many data about writing a research paper about Gliricidia sepium potential as rat poison to the environment.

E.Researchers-This research will bestow multiple of wisdom about rodenticide potential of plants like Gliricidia sepium