Reseaching Constitutional Amendments

This paper contains five annotated reviews of websites that can be used to research the United States Constitutional Amendments

This paper reviews five sites. It gives the appearance, content, how to navigate the site. For example, at one site the paper presents information about the 19th Amendment including states that ratified and the date. Another site gives information about ratification. Another site is selected because it contains many links to other sites related to Constitutional Amendments.
“This site is pleasing to the eye and yet remains functional for research purposes. It contains historical information, by way of a dropdown menu through which one can obtain profile, membership, and leadership information about a particular Congress. Legislative and historical information from the 91st (1969-1971) through the 107th (2001-2003) Congresses is provided. For example, the 106th Congress, which was 2000-2001) reports a total membership of 435 Members, four Delegates, and one Resident Commissioner.”