Religious Violence

Examines the primary reasons people fight in the name of religion.

This paper, while emphasizing that most religions preach peace and brotherhood, takes a look at why, ironically, so many wars are fought in the name of religion. The paper explores the reasons for this irony and suggests that the violence and bloodshed in the name of various religions is a result of the religious leaders and their followers and not because religions promote or condone violence. Finally, the paper points out how violence in the name of religion can sully a religion’s reputation.
For many years people all over the world have fought in the name of belief, faith or religion. The question that still remains to be unanswered is that when all religions of the world preach peace and brotherhood then why does its followers engage themselves in such violent activities? Violence in the name of religion has been one of the major causes of destruction in many countries today. An important point to ponder upon here is that religions are not violent, it is its followers that commit wrong acts in the name of faith and as a result destroy their religion’s reputation and respect. It is not the religion but its preachers that associate religion with outrage.