Religious and Legal Aspects of Gay Marriage

Discusses the legal and religious implications of homosexual unions.

This paper considers the pros and cons of same sex marriages from both a legal and religious standpoint. The paper highlights the controversy surrounding the issue and predicts that the debate between gays and the religious right will be a constant. The paper further predicts that same sex marriages recognized and protected by the federal government may be instituted in this country but it will take something drastic for it to come about.
“If there is one thing that is a constant in the world and that is that there is change. Change is inevitable. Our bodies change. Our relationships change. Our laws can change but that usually depends on a lot of factors. In a society there are changes that take place in the course of time. Decades pass and depending on what the society has experienced, its collective view changes. The views of a people slowly change or quickly if there is enough of a wake up call.
“The Civil Rights movement brought about many changes in attitude among people and change that had come in a slow crawl hopped a speeding train and everyone started jumping on it and suddenly everyone wanted equal rights: women, homosexuals, hippies and even animals. Some rights were granted that were long over due like civil rights for blacks. Some rights were denied, that should have been like the equal rights for women (ERA). And then there were rights that thirty years later there is still a clamor for: Gay rights. Gay people want to have their marriages legalized and accepted by religious institutions and the state law. This request of gay people has Americans in a hot debate on religious, legal and social grounds.”