Religion and America

This paper discusses the role religion has played in America’s politics.

This paper examines how religion has played an essential role in the development of the American political system. The author discusses how from the time of the arrival of the early Puritans, religion has influenced political leaders, played a role in the lives of the founding fathers, and significantly impacted the American Revolution, and the Articles of Confederation and the American Constitution.
Religion played an important role in the founding of the first American colonies by the Puritans. The very name Puritan came from the religious sect’s desire to purify the Church of England. The Puritan religion has its roots in the 1500s and 1600s in England. The Puritans believed that English churches had not completed the Reformation of Henry VIII. As such, they rejected many of the ideals of the major religious denominations of that time. The Puritans believed that anything that did not have a solid basis in the Bible should be removed from the church, including Christmas (Miller).