Reeves vs. Sanderson Plumbing

An overview of the case of Reeves v. Sanderson Plumbing, which deals with age discrimination in the workplace.

This paper uses the case of Reeves vs. Sanderson Plumbing to discuss the issue of age discrimination in employment. The paper explains that this legislation provides protection against employment discrimination of any kind. As long as a person is able and willing to work, he/she cannot be discriminated against, provided his/her skills match the job for which he/she has applied.
“Discrimination of any kind is considered an offense and it can exist in many forms including discrimination on the basis on age, sex, disability and pregnancy. These are some of the commonly known forms. Important cases in this connection have been helpful in explaining what constitutes discrimination and what can be the possible legal repercussions of such an offense. One such important case in Reeves vs. Sanderson Plumbing Inc. where a 57-year of worker of Sanderson Plumbing levied discrimination charges against his employer when Reeves was removed from his position after 40 years of employment.”