Ralph Nader’s Who Runs Congress

This paper examines Ralph Nader’s Who Runs Congress chapter by chapter and evaluates the book.

One comment overheard about Ralph Nader’s Who Runs Congress? was, It’s a good book, informative, well documented, a powerhouse of information, but its what everyone already knows. This comment well describes the book but an essential element is missing. That is, that at a time when the American people need to feel once more in tune with their government, the books shows them how to do it. It is done in two ways. By revealing how Congress works and by showing how to be more effective citizens by literally giving step-by-step methods of citizen action.

The book begins with an introduction written by Ralph Nader himself. It is entitled, Your Stake in Congress. In it Ralph Nader explains the purpose and objectives of the book. He says:

This book is about your power, your money, and your Congress. In a democracy, ultimate governmental power …