RACISM IN CONTEMPORARY AMERICA Racial discrimination is described as viewing different person’s characteristics

Racial discrimination is described as viewing different person’s characteristics, abilities and distinguishing them to see their race more superior than the other. Stated as a Prejudice and interfering with someone privacy, discrimination inhibits tension amongst individuals of different races. Prejudice among Americas started during the colonial era. Native Americans, African Americans and Hispanic/Latin Americas were denied Legal rights during the colonial era which were privileged to white Americans. In the 17th century European Americans were privileged to voting rights, education, immigration, land acquisition and citizenship.
Minority groups in the US are privy to discrimination ranging from racist comments due to hate crimes. America being a superpower unfortunately is and always has been a multicultural country. Discrimination is most prevalent in most parts of the country but mostly concentrated in conservative regions in the country like south and Midwest not forgetting the rural areas and small towns. Schools in the United states of America have come up with discriminatory policies which eventually lead to some of the children get arrested after school completion due to bad behavior. Black youths in the schools in America get pushed to juveniles and criminal justice systems which disadvantage them from getting counseling within the school system.
The other pressing issue in America bases on xenophobia. In recent years the Instability of the economy has seen most of the white Americans fear that their jobs are being taken away by immigrants. Anti-migrants groups now patrol the borders to see that no immigrant comes to the country illegally. The government and Non Governmental Institutions have come up with different ways to cub the racism disease which is eating the country bit by bit. Racism is now being viewed differently in America after the voting in of the 45th president Donald Trump. Immigrants are now comfortable expressing their views without the shield of anonymity a move they never had before.