Question 2 Explain how the criminal justice system

Question 2
Explain how the criminal justice system (Cops, Courts, or Corrections) is establishing and maintaining ethical standards to address unethical behaviors.

Criminal justice system is very significant and an evolving body. It is particularly important as it affects the citizens at large. Ethics are the foundation of the criminal justice system and a highly ethical behavior is required in the work and decisions made by the officials of this system. The judges, prosecutors, and the police officers face a variety of situation everyday while dealing with the suspects and the criminals. There is a need to set up certain trends, policies, and procedures that would not only help in updating the system but also train the police officers and other law enforcement bodies to meet the demands of ever changing society.
In order to establish and maintain ethical standards to address unethical behaviors in the criminal justice system, training is provided to the police officers and their leaders that enable them to adhere to the ethical standards. It is the best approach to train the seniors as they are the ones to whom the young officers go for an advice. Moreover, the officers are also taught to act as role model for the society and to develop better relationships with the members of community in which they are working. This ethical training will also foster a corruption free environment in the law enforcement system.
In addition, making officers wear cameras on their uniform is also a great step and is effective in two ways. It not only makes an officer to act morally but it also makes the community members honest. It also provides evidence as to what happened in a certain situation and who is the victim or who is the criminal. Moreover, there is an oath of honor that every police officer has to undertake upon graduation. Not only the police officers but all the law enforcing agents have to follow a certain code of ethics to ensure that ethical behavior is practiced and unethical behaviors are addressed effectively.