Quality and Customer Satisfaction

A discussion on the importance of quality to ensure customer satisfaction, using the Starbucks coffee shop chain as an example.

This paper examines how customer satisfaction is the one of the important strategies for a company and how quality in a product can also ensure brand loyalty. It looks at how this is the type of loyalty that Starbucks would like to develop among its customers, corporate and otherwise, and how the company focuses on constantly introducing new and innovative products to the market by working hard to ensure that the products introduced are constantly of the highest quality grade.
“This policy of putting the customers needs ahead also is used very effectively when communicating with formal written grievances and complaints. The company attempts to clarify and offer explanations for some of the situations that may have caused the quality issue. Addressing these concerns has helped the company retain loyal customers and help attract new ones (Mettrick, 2003) Deming was of the opinion that quality was an ongoing process and had to be constantly evaluated with reference to both internal and external environments affecting the organization.”