Public Statesmen

This paper discusses the writer’s personal political ideology regarding public statesmen.

The following paper discusses what it is to be an ideal statesman according to the writer. It is of the writer’s opinion that the world is more result oriented nowadays than really bothered with a communist, democratic or any other type of state. To be an ideal statesman, the writer contends that one should rather act upon their ideologies and bring their dreams into reality than to just write about them.
“For any political system to be successful it is important that the there is not just a certain but an aggregate of profitability and prosperity. Not just economically, but socially, morally, and even globally. The political values of a nation do not come from one mind, today no one has the absolute authority to bring about a change single handedly, and it is the economic theories that bring the change. And thus, a political ideology or value will only be considered successful once the major economic issues are handled . Not to forget all the political and global wars, and changes of governments have been due to economic dilemmas.”