Public School and Sex Education: A Natural Coupling

A look at the need for more intense sex education in public schools, especially with higher incidences of teenage pregnancies.

The paper shows that contemporary society basically revolves around the notion of sexual arousal and the concept of sex has become such a regular part of today’s world that teens have become desensitized to the important issues inherent to it. The paper examines the rise in teenage pregnancies and the various problems of sexually transmitted disease in different socio-economic groups. It then examines the need for more detailed and informative sex education in public schools to combat the rising social problems related to early sexual promiscuity.
Teens want to be left on their own to explore and learn about the mysterious world of sex. Not many teen/adult relationships are that open to allow for the intrusion of such a delicate topic; as well, an integral part of the overall learning process of life is to explore and find out things on one’s own, two pertinent reasons why sex education is necessary within the public school system. That many teens are already engaging in sexual activity bodes well for a natural segue between learning about sex on the streets and being taught about it in the classroom.