Psychological Realism

This paper discusses the work of Kate Chopin.

This paper discusses the controversy surrounding Kate Chopin’s works whereby for example she condoned the immoral behavior of the protagonist in The Awakening. The author examines Chopin’s life works and identifies ways in which her characters and stories reflect Chopin’s own life. The writer focuses on how Chopin often speaks in a truly feminist voice.
Chopin herself wrote from the perspective of a married woman. In June, 1870, one Kate O’Flaherty married Oscar Chopin of New Orleans, a Creole cotton broker. Soon after the marriage, the couple moved to New Orleans. Louisiana, where Kate Chopin gave birth to her first son, Jean, in May, 1871. As a happy Creole wife, she ultimately fulfilled the social responsibilities and obligations of a prominent young wife, and bore five more children (Ker 2). According to Harriet Magruder, a contemporary observer of Creole culture, in the Creole family, the father’s will dominated his wife’s desire, and the entire life of the young girl was focused around her marriage plans. This parallels Edna’s own early equation of her husband’s value with her own value as a human being.