Psychological and Behavioral Processes in Humans and Animals

This paper compares and contrasts psychological and behavioral processes of human and animals; knowledge of animals gains a deeper comprehension of the similar processes in humans.

This paper discusses that both humans and animals have strong psychological needs that modify attitudes and behaviors. The author states that cognitive processes, including thinking, feeling, memorizing and perceiving, strongly influence the entire welfare of animals and humans. The paper concludes that there are acute differences between the humans and animals in their psychological processes that mutate their behavior.
“Research demonstrates that learning about psychological and behavioral processes of both animals and humans can greatly assist psychologists, physiologists, biologists and most of all general public in ameliorating human/animal interaction and in the successful management of all animals. Over the years, physiological processes have been studied thoroughly and paid much attention to, however, psychological needs and behavioral processes associated to them have neither been examined nor researched, thereby neglecting the most cardinal facet of both animal and human behavior for exploration of the same proves that animals like humans have strong psychological needs that modify and determine their behavior.”