Proving the Existence of God

An analysis of the philosophical views of Descartes and Aquinas about the existence of God.

A paper discussing the existence of God. The author uses the philosophical views of Descartes and Aquinas to prove that God exists. The author discusses the works of the two philosophers.
“God’s existence can be proved both by reason or philosophy, and by faith or sacred doctrine. Both Aquinas and Descartes agree on the fact that God’s existence can be proved, despite the fact that Aquinas believed that it is more of a question of faith, and Descartes believed that it is more important to use reasoning. Nevertheless, both agree with Aquinas? five ways that one can prove the existence of God. After all of this evidence, it is up to the individual to determine whether or not it is concrete evidence that should be followed. There should be enough evidence for each individual to determine for himself or herself about the existence of God and whether it is relevant in their lives.”