Professional and Personal Growth

This paper is a descriptive essay discussing the author’s professional and personal growth.

This paper discusses the author’s decision to return to college in middle age. The essay looks at the brand new start at college, the process of learning and personal, professional and educational goals. The author describes his reasons behinds each decision and how these decisions have affected him.
“Returning to college was a big decision. There were many challenges ahead. One needed to plan all carefully in the goal-setting paper. Most of all, the struggle throughout the personal search during the program was a big obligation to perform.

Just like someone who decided to make a turn on a drive route, taking a second chance in the education might not be everyone’s choice to make a leap for the future. It applied especially for one who was in the senior age, who had gone through the best and the worst part of life and was supposed to do harvesting from his or her early workforce day.”