Productivity in the Workplace

Examining factors which can increase and decrease productivity in the workplace.

This paper looks at various factors which cause low morale and ultimately low productivity in a workplace. Topics discussed are the impact of discrimination in the workplace; the role of leadership in improving productivity; attributes essential for enhanced productivity; ways to improve productivity in the workplace and the importance of fun in the workplace.
“An average employee lives around 10,000 days of his lifetime working. When one looks at it this way, it is rational to try and make this time at work as gratifying and rewarding as one can, so that people can be saved from burning out in advance. As a matter of fact, it is proven by research that the easiest and most effective way to uplift morale, be proof against turnover, and enhance output at the office is through encouraging fun in the workplace. Though most people draw back at the likelihood of achieving momentous goals and having fun simultaneously, it is a very viable blend.”