Private vs. Public Sectors in the United States

An informal survey of diversity in the workforce of the private and public sectors of America.

The following paper focuses on the way in which the public and private sectors differ as well as what their similarities are. In addition the writer provides examples, applications and implications of each sector and the diversity question. The writer concludes from the research that the public sector leads by example and the private sector often follows the public sectors lead. Thus, it is the writer’s opinion that the public sector has long since mandated the employment and the development of a diverse workforce.
America is known throughout the world for its open arms regarding diversity. Each year countless immigrants flock to the shores of the nation to begin life anew in a place where they have heard they will receive unconditional acceptance. While it is true in many ways that America has one of the most diverse populations on earth it doesn’t mean there are never any issues when it comes to that diversity. Diversity in the private and public sector of America have different challenges presented as well as challenges that are decidedly similar. The private and public sector have been working on the diversity question for many years and while they run parallel in many ways, they are also walking their own lone path.