Preventing Cyber Crime

A look at the history and prevention of cyber crime.

This paper explores the history of the problem of cyber crime and provides suggestions as far as what can be done to avoid becoming the victim of a hacker. The paper discusses how a secure computing system provides the three properties of confidentiality, integrity and availability.
“As discussed by Varoli, Russian computer expertise should come as no surprise to anyone (2000). The United States employs thousands of Russians both in the United States and in Russia where employees work via the Internet. Additionally, Russian technical universities, particularly those in St. Petersburg, are producing the world’s best computer programmers.
However, the majority of Russia’s hackers are not the country’s educated elite (Varoli, 2000). In fact, Russian hackers mostly lack structured computer training saying that formal education dulls your virtual street smarts (Varoli, 2000).
As the web becomes more and more common in Russia, we can expect more problems with Russian hackers, said Pavel Semyanov, a computer security expert at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute and author of Internet Attack (Varoli, 2000).