President Abraham Lincoln

A biography of the life and presidency of Abraham Lincoln.

This paper examines how there have been few presidents who have made such an impact on the history of the United States as Abraham Lincoln. It looks at Lincoln’s life and presidency to gain a better understanding of the man. It shows how he was a driving force in ending the Civil War, how he came from humble beginnings, and how he never forgot the importance of treating everyone the same. It shows how this attitude earned him the respect of those around him and provided him with a firm foundation for leadership. Although his life was needlessly cut short, his ideas continue to inspire Americans today.

Young Abe
Military Experience
Inauguration and Succession
Gettysburg Address
Private Life
Death of a President
When Lincoln became President in 1861, he lacked serious military experience, especially in contrast to Jefferson Davis, a West Point graduate and Mexican War hero. Lincoln often joked about his brief Army career: four months service with several rag-tag militia companies in the Black Hawk War (Williams). Lincoln was known more for his humor than heroism as a captain in the war. This was evidenced when his company was marching toward a narrow gate, he forgot the proper command to form his troops in a single column so they could advance. Halt! Lincoln finally shouted. This company will break ranks for two minutes and form again on the other side of the gate. (Williams).