Power Politics

This paper discusses and analyzes the article, “Power Politics”, by Arundhati Roy.

This paper answers several specific questions regarding the construction of big dams in India. The paper explains that the big dam projects in India are especially contentious to the author, and as she writes about her opposition to the projects, it becomes quite clear she is passionate about her country and what happens to it in the future.
“As with any controversial large project, there are people who oppose the building of Big Dams in India, and people who support the construction and both have a variety of reasons for their opinions. Those who support the building of the Big Dams include power companies, who hope to generate more power from turbines in the dams, and of course, the construction companies who are going to build the dam. Anyone who stands to reap profits from the dams sees them as progress India vitally needs, especially since they can harness the power for their own uses, such as the trash-incineration company who wants to build one of the Big Dams, with no prior dam building experience. Those opposed to the building of the Big Dams cite most often the environmental costs to India as millions of acres of viable lands are flooded by the backup behind the dams, and the human cost.”