This paper discusses poverty, one of the more serious problems in this country today.

This paper explains that poverty tends to be caused by issues, such as a lack of education, alcohol and drug abuse, and individuals who have been born into poverty and are not able to afford the means to get ahead, such as going to college. The author notes that, when one looks at the definition of poverty and everything that is involved in it, money does not really play the central role; it is rather the lack of skills, education, and knowledge that really affects whether a person ends up in poverty. The paper relates that the most important consequence of poverty is the fact that future generations will have to deal with the same problems because they do not seem able to find ways to break out of this mold.
“Looking at the information that researchers and other individuals have found about the problem of poverty would indicate that poverty may mean much more than many individuals that simply do not have the money to buy the things that they need. While the original definition of poverty does not actually need to be changed it might be amended to include a lack of education, skills, and resources to obtain the money to purchase the things that individuals want and need. This relates to many other social problems as those that live in poverty are often involved with drugs or alcohol and they are much less likely to hold down jobs for any length of time (Trattner, 1994). There is also more domestic violence, issues with rearing children, and criminal activity among this set of individuals then there is among those who make more money.”