Pollutant Fuels

Looking at the problem of air pollution as being the fault of human technological advances.

This paper briefly explains that the problem of air pollution is in our control and that we should take more serious measures to fight this trend of a growing ozone hole and decreased air quality. The writer states that health hazards are increasing and it is our responsibility to put an end to this phenomenon. A number of suggestions include changing the fuels and type of transport we use.
“The ring of haze surrounding modern cities looms ominously and the hole in the ozone layer grows, but people rarely understand that air pollution is within our control. The causes of air pollution are many, and save for natural contributions to temporarily poor air quality, the bulk of air pollution problems are results of human technological advances. Since the Industrial Revolution, massive amounts of fossil fuels like coal and oil have been and continue to be consumed. The benefits of industry may indeed outweigh the detriments, but it is finally time for technology to solve its own problems. Until the past few decades, the spoils of industrialization were taken for granted. We can forgive our forebears for their ignorance in developing technologies with unforeseen consequences. Who could have known how human life would benefit by burning coal for electricity or oil for automobiles? ”