Police Stress

Examines how stress is handled and managed within the police force.

According to “Newsweek”, policing is one of the top ten stressful occupations in the United States. This paper goes into the manifestation of post-traumatic stress disorder, including its history. It includes statistical information concerning how police officers deal with stress and the advantages of a department having a Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) program.
“In addition to flashbacks, PTSD manifests itself psychologically in many ways. Often the disorder will plague sufferers with sleep problems, including nightmares, and difficulty sleeping. Also, sufferers may experience an instability in emotions, which is seen when a person with PTSD is emotionally numb one moment, and has an outburst in the next. Further, depression and guilt feelings are very common where people believe they should have, or could have prevented the disaster (Sapolsky).”