Plato, Eryximachus, and Balance

Examines Eryximachus’ dialogue on truth and love.

This paper explores Eryximachus’ concept of truth, love, balance, and harmony. The paper also notes similarities in Eryximachus’ philosophy with other philosophical systems and cites examples of how his philosophy continues to influence our thought today.
The Greeks loved to speak. They spoke of their theories of love, and life. They spoke of the greatness of men, and began the Olympic Games as a monument to the achievements of men, and of the beauty of the human body. The Greeks moral framework was based on the truth that they could discern from one another, and from the interaction of men with each other, and rather than basing their ascension into the realms of truth in an absolute basis, they based their understanding of truth in what they could see, and what they universally observed in the behaviors of man and beast around them.