Plan for Corporate Web Site and Multi-Processor System

Plan for solving the software and hardware problems associated with computer systems designed for high-demand web services and computer applications.

This paper presents a project plan for a corporate web site and a rack optimized system. The paper describes some of the problems associated with computer systems designed to meet the needs of high-demand web sites and complicated computer software applications and then presents a plan that would address these problems. The solution presented explains how to install and set up a fully clustered/load balanced multi-processor hardware system and a redesign of a current web page portal that reflects the high-volume capabilities offered by the new equipment. Appended are figures that help illustrate the proposed plan.

Project Description
Project Objectives
Tasks and Schedule
Risk Management
“Today, both small as well as medium sized companies experience server related problems due to the excess load on their websites. In order to solve this problem companies deploy multiple servers. But instead of working as a solution these servers further give rise to problems ranging from the complex cabling, prolonged deployment, more hardware and software requirements to increased data center costs and space requirements, and lower processing capabilities. This problem is further mounted with the amount of space servers occupy. Although rack mounting server is a possible solution but even it takes up a lot of space and is difficult to replace.”