Physically Disabled Children

A discussion of the advantages of placing physically disabled children in a normal classroom environment.

This paper discusses how to integrate physically disabled children into a normal school setting through specially designed programs and the definite advantages of this integration. It evaluates how children interacting with their other normal peers and growing up in a normal setting show their optimal level of performance and sometimes surpass their normal peers to a level that helps to confidently face the real life situation later in life. It also shows how children without disabilities can realize their abilities in this situation and learn to treat disabled children with respect.
“Another important aspect, which is necessary for the successful integration of disabled children in a normal school environment, is the attitude of the teacher. The teacher is a key to success for a child with disabilities. The attitude and abilities of the teacher to help out the disabled students plays a significant role in defining the success of the special education programs. If the teacher is able to create a sense of love and affection among the disabled children, they are likely to follow his or her instructions and therefore their performance will improve.”