Physical Education

A personal look at what it takes to be a teacher of physical education.

This paper centers around the notion of ?teaching styles?, and this brief paper sets out to clarify some of the confusion that exists regarding the term itself. The paper then shows how one model of teaching style is an effective and creative way of teaching physical education today.

What is Meant by ?Teaching Styles??
The Spectrum of Teaching Styles
“The term itself has no agreed definition but the more widely accepted definitions refer to it as “a set of teaching tactics” and “instructional format” (Galton et al. 1980; Siedentop 1991). In Physical Education circles the definition of it as “the general pattern created by using a particular set of strategies” provides a neat working definition (BAALPE 9). Over the last thirty years a number of writers in the United Kingdom, as well as the United States, have identified particular teaching styles and related them to philosophies of teaching or to specific learning outcomes (Bennett 1978). Emerging from this work and that of other writers specifically in Physical Education are two important findings.”