Pharming and Animal Cloning Methods

Argues the position that pharming and animal cloning offer potential medical and economic advantages if they are pursued.

This paper explains the different types of genetic engineering technologies available and describes why they hold such great medical promise. The paper suggests that current research in genetic engineering should continue because of its potential, but that the research should continue within strict ethical boundaries.
“The twentieth century has witnessed great advancements in medical science. Genetic engineering in particular has undergone rapid development and is already revolutionizing the field of medicine. Pharming, stem cell research and other related genetic engineering technologies have created a new wave of hope and have already been successful in treating many of the disease conditions which were we so far considered as incurable and irreversible. Infigen Inc is one company, which has successfully engineered and patented the technique of animal cloning to synthesize human proteins and other important biochemicals, which are invaluable in the treatment of many diseases.”