Personnel Planning and Selection Tools at 7-Eleven

Presents an article review and discusses personnel planning within 7-Eleven.

Business is constantly changing, and personnel planning and the selection process directly affect trends in globalization, technology, and diversity. In order to be successful, companies must develop plans for recruiting and retaining personnel in the convenience store industry. This paper provides an article review of “Eye on the Asian Market”, Bill Stephens, and discusses personnel planning, selection tools, and their effectiveness within 7-Eleven.
“Globalization, technology, and diversity trends are just one of the many challenges that 7-Eleven H.R. faces. Although these areas are a challenge, H.R. has been extremely successful managing these areas. In the past, 7-Eleven staffed its operation by running ads in the local paper or using an employment agency. This has changed significantly. The effectiveness of 7-Eleven’s automated screening process has enabled applicants to apply within minutes, rather than calling a phone number out of an ad and waiting for an interview to be scheduled.”