Personal Goals for a Professional Nurse

Lists and analyzes the personal goals of a student nurse on her journey to become a professional nurse.

For the nurse, there can be little doubt that the primary function is to provide the best care possible within the limits of policy, practice and ability. To that end, there are limits to what a person can provide and the self, not the institution, determines those. Over the next five years, I will be embarking upon and completing a journey, the end of which will find me in a hospital or clinical setting as a nurse with direct impact and influence upon the outcome of treatment. It will be my responsibility to provide the best care possible, to be aware of the needs of the setting, the physicians and the patient and to be able to balance all of those in my actions. I will be responsible for compartmentalizing my day, my life and all of the demands of the job so that I may remain focused upon the tasks at hand. It will also be an imperative to function fully within the team environment and to be a complete and active member in that team. Finally, it will be incumbent upon me to never stop learning about my practice and craft. It is for these reasons that the development of personal goals is so significant.