Personal Experience with the Disabled

An essay which shows how being in the presence of disabled people can help one see beyond their disability.

The author of this paper conveys the point that disabled people – both mentally and physically – need and feel like everyone else, and that by being in their presence, one can learn to see beyond their disability and accept them for the person they are. The author observes the case of an autistic child and the understanding that his family and friends have of his special needs. The point is also raised that people can learn from disabled people and benefit from their friendship.
“By watching Randy and his family, it is apparent that most people with disabilities are not abnormal but have special needs that require a lot patients and understanding from their loved ones It is also apparent not only it takes a lot out of the person with a disability live it but it takes a
tow out of their loved as well. This is because the person with a disability a lot of care depending on their needs. Every day will not be perfect especially if the person cannot think for himself or herself. Sometimes there is frustration between the caregiver and the person with a disability since people cannot be in good moods all of the time. Some days are very emotional for the caregiver and family because they know that the disability is not going to get any better. They also know that means they will have to take care of the person for the rest of their lives. The family does not mind it but it seems overwhelming at times. However, that does not change the fact they gain a lot of life experience by learning from the person with a disability.”