Pennsylvania Public Education Issues

This paper is a literature review that examines issues of concern for public education in the state of Pennsylvania and the extent to which members of the public are in fact engaged in those issues.

This paper believes that, of all the concerns about public school, the most overriding is the issue of school funding because all other issues flow from this. The author states that the inadequacy of public education is generally blamed on class size and poor teacher training. Graphs of statistics are included.

Table of Contents
Disparities in “and Realities of ” School Funding
Charter Schools, Vouchers, and Market Forces
Academic Standards, Testing and Assessment, Teacher Training
Local Governance
Community Involvement in Pennsylvania Schools
“Because of both real and perceived problems in Pennsylvania’s public schools, a number of alternative educational structures have been created to meet the needs of families in addition to the private school system and home schooling, both of which are beyond the scope of this research. Pennsylvania enacted a charter school law in 1997 that has since seen the birth of almost 80 charter schools across the state. These states rely far more on private funding (especially from the parents of students) than do public schools, although less than private schools.”