Parent’s Involvement and Student Academic Achievement

An analysis of the necessity and benefits of parental involvement in their children’s academic life.

This paper highlights the history of parental involvement in students’ academic achievements. The paper discusses what actions are necessary for effective parental involvement, the impact on students is outlined and the accruing advantages to the parents as well as to the children being educated are presented.

History of the Parents’ Involvement
Background Overview
Growing Public Awareness
Research Findings on Procedural Progress
The Ongoing Effect
Development of Academics under the Perspective of Parental Involvement
The Montessori System
The Philosophy behind the Educational System
Linking Educational Materials to Practical Life Tools
The Environment and Students’ Achievements in Subjects
Factors Affecting Parental Involvement
Importance of Parental Involvement
Effects of Parental Involvement
Benefits of the Effects
As educationalists search for ways to improve the modern educational system and to eradicate the problems in it, it is indispensable for them to investigate the causality of these problems and system’s shortcomings. It is apparent that the drawbacks do not come into being completely from academics. As a result, it is obvious that a dynamic involvement of parents in the education of their children is a requisite.
In order for student to achieve success academically, a relationship based on respect and mutual understanding between students, teachers, and parents is of the essence. Loopholes at any place in this relationship cause the academic achievements of a student to collapse into failures. However, an intimate and reinforced closeness can sustain immeasurable potential in student’s academic success (Brandt, Ronald S. (ED)).