Paradise Lost

This paper discusses that “Paradise Lost” by John Milton represents the 17th century English poet’s attempt at explaining why God allowed the Fall of Man.

This paper explains that Milton, an author compared to Shakespeare, who was still alive when Milton was born, had much in common with his character, Satan, because he was labeled a rebel against the existing powers. The author points out that, like the Quentin Tarantino movie, Pulp Fiction, John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” is a story that was told out of sequence; the story began at a particular midpoint and then continuously flashed forward or backward as needed to bring the reader up to date. The paper contends that, if Adam and Eve are the heroes, and not God, then Satan is definitely the bad guy or villain that everyone loves to hate.
“A quick overview of the story and some of the main characters will help to simplify this report. The overview will be presented best in sequence. Trinity, or The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are God’s three aspects. God the Father and creator first made the universe and all that is in it and then is taking on the task of monitoring everything in the same way you and might be checking a wristwatch for the time. He can tell the time but he cannot interfere with how the watch runs.”