Paradise Lost

Discusses what can be learned about the politics of the time in which “Paradise Lost” was written by John Milton

This research examines what Milton reveals about his own political views and the political climate that surrounded him in those turbulent times of the English Revolution. This work supports the thesis that Milton reveals an in-depth look at many political views surrounding the English Revolution.
“The first and most obvious observation is that Paradise Lost is in the epic style. Epic poetry has been associated with the telling of the tales of the rulers of the empire. For example, the Odyssey tells of the journey of Odysseus, Beowulf tells of another empire. Epic poetry is the poetry of empires. The character in an epic usually takes a journey and the epic is about all of the things that the hero sees and does on his journey. Through this epic poetry one can learn a great deal about the culture for which it was written and the historical events and culture that shaped the lives of the characters. Epic poetry allows us to step into the hero’s time and see things through his eyes. This is certainly the case with Paradise Lost.”